Design and create a sustainable 23 Things for EAHIL

14:00 - 17:00

van den Brekel, Guus

Course trainer(s): 
Buset, Karen
van den Brekel, Guus
Kuhn, Isla
Course description: 

23 Things programmes have become established as a relatively cheap (except perhaps in terms of participants time) and effective ways of maintaining continuing professional development in times of increasing financial constraint and fast moving technological expansion ( and But most programmes are either very generic, or very library specific.

This workshop will allow for the collaborative development of a 23 Things programme for European health information librarians. The Things will be selected from after a crowd sourcing exercise prior to the conference. The results of this will seed the workshop and the programme itself will be tailored by the workshop attendees, flexible according to the needs and expectations of the EAHIL cohort, and dynamic. Issues of content, language, promotion and maintenance will be explored. The programme will be launched for all EAHIL members at a plenary session during the conference itself.

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